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  • Innovation: Corteva continues to deliver for arable farmers.
  • Brand new Septoria control: Univoq launched in the UK.
  • New oilseed rape variety out-performs all others.
  • Innovation that changes the way we grow oilseed rape.
  • New Nitrogen Stabiliser technology
  • Round-up of other key news and updates
  • BASIS points
Innovation: Corteva continues to deliver for arable farmers.
Innovation is often heralded as the solution to all the challenges facing farming. In reality, it is just one part of the puzzle. But what innovation does is bring together a whole raft of ideas and concepts from some of the world’s brightest minds who are focused on creating something that makes a difference. In the world of crop protection and seeds, this can be really exciting.  

Once these innovations arrive, it’s our job to understand how to get the most out of them; to take those tools and demonstrate the value they bring to the farmer.

2021 has been a year of doing just that - here’s some of the highlights.
Corteva scientist
Brand new Septoria control: Univoq launched in the UK.
If you’re a cereal grower, you can’t have missed the fact that we’ve launched the first unique site of action for the control of Septoria for more than 15 years.

Univoq™, containing Inatreq™ active, is Corteva’s first cereal fungicide, but after just one season of extreme disease pressure, it’s already proven its ability to control septoria, keep crops greener for longer and, ultimately, deliver fantastic yields. As well as putting it through extensive testing in our own trials, farmers across the UK and Ireland have had the opportunity to apply it to crops on a commercial scale for the first time.
Univoq bottle
The AHDB also included it in their independent work and the results can be seen here. We’re delighted with the results and are looking forward to sharing them in the New Year.

We have exciting plans for Univoq in 2022. Make sure you bookmark our microsite and follow us on social media for the latest news and offers.
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New oilseed rape variety out-performs all others.
Another fantastic innovation for 2021 was the launch of PT303 Protector Sclerotinia oilseed rape. We knew this variety had promise because its traits made it extremely well suited to conditions in the UK and Ireland.  

With excellent hybrid vigour and confirmed resistance to turnip yellows virus, PT303 laid down a marker in AHDB candidate trials in 2020. Now, it has proven to be the top-yielding variety on the AHDB Recommended List with a gross output of 107%. Bolt onto that the fact that it’s the first variety to demonstrate a genetic tolerance to sclerotinia, we are expecting PT303 to be a hugely popular choice.
Pioneer PT303
New winter OSR hybrid tops AHDB Recommended List. Read the press release here.
Innovation that changes the way we grow oilseed rape.
Data shows that the oilseed rape harvested area in 2022 will bounce back to somewhere circa 350,000ha. Whilst strong prices will have influenced that increase, so will a better understanding of how to grow the crop in the face of significant challenges such as cabbage stem flea beetle infestations.

Early drilling into moisture has proved to be an effective method of establishment and rapid and strong establishment of the crop has made it more resilient to cabbage stem flea beetle attack. In addition, Belkar®, the recent innovation from Corteva, is a herbicide which allows growers to wait until their crops have established and will then give excellent control of key weeds such as cranesbill, cleavers and shepherd’s purse. Launched just two years ago, it has already become an intrinsic part of a weed control programme in oilseed rape.
Belkar use on oilseed rape
Reacting to external influences.
Innovation is also about learning, and we learn more about how to continually improve our farming practices. With high nitrogen fertiliser prices, and some challenges around availability, farmers will be interested to know that Corteva’s nitrogen stabilisation product, Instinct, will be available to growers to apply in early 2022.  

Containing Optinyte technology, Instinct can improve nitrogen use efficiency, keeps more nitrogen in the soil for longer, reduces leaching by around 50%, and greenhouse gases by 45%. Traditionally associated with maize, the benefits of Instinct are equally applicable to OSR and cereals growers.
Instinct logo
Other recent key news and updates.
We're launching our first biostimulant product in the UK. Utrisha® N, a Nutrient Efficiency Optimiser will be available in 2022. Find out more about this breakthrough technology here.

Inatreq™ active, which is formulated in Corteva Agriscience’s cereal fungicide Univoq™, won the Best New Crop Protection Product category at the Crop Science Awards. Read more here.

Significant upgrades to Corteva’s Kerb Weather Data were launched to help growers and advisors be even more precise when timing oilseed rape herbicide applications this winter. Access Kerb Weather Data on the free Corteva Arable app available for iOS and Android devices (Search “Corteva Arable”). Read more here.

Refresh your learning and earn CPD points with our new course on the Farmers Weekly Learning Centre: Grassweed control in OSR, propyzamide and best practice. Read more here.
Learn with Corteva - PPZ stewardship course
Corteva’s Mark Shaw was back at Andy Fussell’s farm in Somerset for our 2nd #FollowTheCrop video for this season. Mark discusses some of the weed challenges Andy has been facing in his OSR crop and how Corteva products are helping. Watch it here.

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Corteva scientists and soil experts from across the world share their expertise on why soil health is so important to everyone, not just farmers. Watch it here or by clicking on the image below.
Corteva scientists and soil experts from across the world share their expertise on why soil health is so important to everyone
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