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“The discovery and development of the molecule” with Andy Leader – Corteva Global Biology Leader, Inatreq™ active.

Now that you have watched the video, you should have a greater understanding of:

✓ How a complex manufacturing process produces the biological active UK-2A which is then converted to Inatreq active by a single chemical modification post-fermentation.

✓ How Inatreq active is able to convert back to UK-2A in plants and fungi after crop application, which is vital since UK2A is 93% more effective in controlling disease than Inatreq active.

✓ How, once applied, Inatreq active accumulates in the leaf’s waxes, providing a reservoir for the formulation to drip feed into the plant, providing excellent long-term protection.

Test your knowledge with our five questions. Once you have submitted your information, you will be able to check your answers.

Streptomyces SP 517-02

True, it is not capable of translaminar movement
False, it is capable of translaminar movement
UK-2A is not photostable in sun light and degrades quickly on the leaf surface

UK-2A is far more effective at lower does when converted to Inatreq active

UK-2A is difficult to formulate

Both plants and fungi
It is not converted

It is not easily washed off
It enables long residual protection if fungi land on the leaf surface
It acts as a reservoir for Inatreq to constantly drip feed into the plant to offer curative activity
All of the above


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