In the March edition
  • Spring barley weed control with Pixxaro
  • Instinct Nitrogen Stabiliser
  • Update on the Inatreq learning centre
  • Combating fungicide resistance: Webinar on 24 March
  • Univoq production update
  • Summary of other news and reminders
Spring barley weed control with Pixxaro
Spring barley drilling is now underway and with the good weather set to continue. There is also plenty of soil moisture which will encourage early germination of broad-leaved weeds, especially if the mild conditions persist.

This year, growers should make the most of the opportunity to hit weeds early, before they start to compete with the crop. Even if growers are using a pre-emergence residual herbicide for annual meadow grass control, broad-leaved weeds will always emerge afterwards.

Product choice is also important. Pixxaro® EC has a wide weed spectrum and is especially effective at controlling difficult spring barley weeds such as cleavers and fumitory. It will also control ALS resistant chickweed, a growing problem that affects approximately 50% of spring barley crops in Scotland.
  Benefits of Pixxaro® EC
  • Outstanding cleaver control.
  • Fast acting, even when weather conditions are marginal, allowing early removal of weed competition.
  • Flexible application window from GS13 to GS45, beyond the application window of both sulfonyl-urea and phenoxy herbicides.
  • Excellent activity against fumitory which is not adequately controlled by sulfonyl-urea (SU) or phenoxy chemistry.
  • Effective against ALS resistant chickweed, for best results delay applications until warmer.
  • A wide range of tank-mix compatibilities that allows you to complete the weed spectrum by adding other herbicides such as Harmony M for boosting Polygonum control, for example.
Pixxaro weed spectrum
Visit the Pixxaro product page here.
Instinct Nitrogen Stabiliser
Many growers and agronomists are faced with difficult choices regarding nitrogen rates this spring. The general advice is to apply rates that are tailored to individual circumstances, taking into consideration nitrogen reserves in the soil, the economic return on investment, and yield potential. In most cases, this leads to a reduced rate of nitrogen compared with previously applied rates.  

In previous years, the amount of nitrogen applied would buffer for nitrogen lost to the environment as nitrate in water, and greenhouses gases to the atmosphere. In some situations, these losses can be quite significant – 30-40% is often quoted. With the trend being for reduced rates of nitrogen fertiliser this spring, the buffer is not there – meaning it is possible that crops will not reach their yield potential if nitrogen is lost from the soil. It is possible to reduce the loss of nitrogen into the environment with a nitrogen stabiliser.

Instinct®, based on Optinyte technology from Corteva Agriscience, has a long history and is used in many countries to protect nitrogen from environmental loss. By slowing down the conversion of ammonium into nitrate, environmental losses are minimised and more nitrogen is available to the growing crop for a longer period of time.

Maize is a crop that requires more nitrogen later in its life than many crops, and benefits from having not just more nitrogen in the soil, but for longer. Yield responses of more than 10% are common, especially when grown with sub-optimal nitrogen rates, on lighter soils, in areas of high rainfall.
Instinct is ideally suited to maize because:
  • It is easy to apply – it can be applied through a crop sprayer and is compatible with many crop protection inputs.
  • It can be applied with liquid fertilisers, and slurry.
  • It does need to get into the soil to work. This means Instinct can be applied to a seedbed prior to drilling and worked in mechanically or washed in with rain – 12mm within 10 days of application is sufficient. 
Benefits of Instinct
Yield of silage maize in dry matter
Update on the Inatreq™ learning centre
Thank you to those that have taken the time to visit the Inatreq™ Learning Centre - we hope that you are finding the modules informative.  

If you have completed just 1 video module and quiz, or even 4, you can continue with your learning journey at any stage. Did you see that we are giving away Inatreq branded 8000mAh solar power banks with built in flashlight to the first 100 people that complete all 5 quizzes? The first power banks are already on their way to our lucky 28 finishers. 

Each month we will update BASIS and NRoSO with the details of those that have completed the quizzes. It's important that you click the "submit" button on each online quiz form so that your participation is logged. Once you have pressed the submit button, the answers to the questions are displayed on-screen.

Many of you are very close to completing all modules, why not pick up where you left off here:
The Inatreq learning centre modules are as follows:
The discovery and development of the molecule, with Andy Leader – Corteva Global Biology Leader, Inatreq™ active.

Resistance management with a new site of action, with Dr Gregory Kemmit - Corteva Global Biology Leader, Fungicide Development Team. 

i-Q4™ formulation: Turbo-charging of a new class of chemistry, with Derek Hopkins, Formulation Scientist, Corteva. (Derek has now relocated back to New Zealand) 

Spray application flexibility, with John Fraser, Inatreq active Principal Biologist, Corteva.

Broad-spectrum control from a new site of chemistry, with Sally Egerton, Corteva UK & Ireland Technical Manager.
Click through to the Inatreq learning centre
Combating fungicide resistance: Webinar on 24 March
Webinar date for the diary:  24 March, 5-6:15pm.
Corteva's John Fraser, Inatreq™ active Principal Biologist, will join the panel at the Farmers Weekly webinar, 'Combating fungicide resistance'.

Key topics:
•  How do resistance mechanisms vary?
•  What are the high risk indicators?
•  How does resistance usually build up?
•  What are the main resistance management strategies currently recommended?

The panel:
•  Dr Aoife O’ Driscoll, Crop Protection and Agronomy Specialist, NIAB.
•  Julian Gibbons, Farmer, M Gibbons and Sons, Upper Farm, Hampshire.
•  Nick Anderson, Head of Crop Technology, Velcourt.
•  John Fraser, Inatreq™ active Principal Biologist, Corteva.

Visit the Farmers Weekly link to register:
Register for webinar
Univoq is on the move
Production of Univoq is on-track at our facility in Cernay, France, and it's great to see product arriving regularly into the UK and at RASE.
We enjoyed seeing product arriving on-farm in 2021. Please continue to send us your photos ( or tag us on social media (@CortevaUK on Twitter and Facebook).
Univoq on the production line and arriving at RASE
In case you missed it...
  • Corteva Agriscience™ is launching Utrisha® N, a nutrient efficiency biostimulant for use in combinable crops. Utrisha N is an alternative nitrogen source that can supply actively growing plants with additional nitrogen to facilitate plant growth. Fill out our Corteva biostimulants survey and receive a free spring planting box straight to your doorstep!  Click here to take part in the survey or here to learn more about Utrisha N.
  • Don't forget to enter our competition to stand a chance of winning a Broadway Star North Face Triclimate jacket. Enter online here.
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Corteva Agriscience is closely monitoring the situation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We are deeply concerned by the escalation and our priority remains the health and safety of our employees, and how we can continue to assist them. Corteva has taken steps to protect our research, commercial, and production facilities and we are working hard to serve our customers and minimise any negative impact on food security in Ukraine. This is an incredibly distressing situation, and we are doing all we can to protect our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate in Ukraine during this difficult time.
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