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  • Bought PT303 and Belkar this season? You're eligible for a €200 voucher.
  • Autumn nitrogen stabiliser 'Instinct' available for arable crops.
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How to get the best out of Belkar herbicide and planning your propyzamide (Kerb Flo and Astrokerb) applications this autumn.
Belkar® allows for a fundamental change in farmers’ strategies for controlling weeds. It means they can tackle what is visible, and not spend on herbicides before they know how well the crop is going to emerge.

Arylex™ active has been formulated with picloram to create Belkar and the product can be applied from 2 true leaves all the way through to side shoot development (GS21).

As little as 0.25l/ha after emergence can effectively control the most common broadleaf weeds. Chemistry will be more effective when weeds are small and not shadowed by the crop, which can stop weeds in their tracks before they have a chance to really get going. Waiting until spring is tempting, but by that point they will be more difficult to control with the added risk of resistance.
Belkar offers outstanding control of key weeds including cleavers, poppy, shepherd's purse and fumitory. There are three treatment options of Belkar which have performed best in trials:
At two true leaves, an application of Belkar at 0.25l/ha will take out the weeds which have germinated alongside the crop and, in some circumstances, that will be enough broad-leaved control before an application of Astrokerb® (propyzamide + aminopyralid) or similar later on.

In high weed pressure situations where a second germination is visible, growers have the option of a second 0.25l/ha spray two-to-four weeks after the first application.

Depending on workloads, growers can wait until six true leaves of the oilseed rape to tackle bigger weeds at a rate of 0.5l/ha of Belkar which will take care of the weeds going into the autumn.

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Growth stages of OSR and when to use Belkar herbicide
Resources to support your applications of Belkar, Astrokerb and Kerb Flo this autumn:
Visit our online product pages for technical information, label, SDS and updates: Belkar®Astrokerb® and Kerb® Flo

Effective stewardship is a major platform of our business. Follow our guidance, and that from the Voluntary Initiative, to ensure that autumn and winter-applied products don’t reach watercourses. 

Online courses are available on the Farmers Weekly learning centre:
  1. Oilseed Rape: establishment and weed control (here). 2 BASIS/2 NRoSO points available.
  2. Grassweed control in OSR, propyzamide & best practice (here). 1 BASIS/2 NRoSO points available.

To learn more about autumn weed control with John Sellars, Oilseed Rape Crop Protection Manager at Corteva Agriscience, click below.
Watch the video with John Sellars
Bought PT303 and Belkar this season? You're eligible* for a €200 voucher
There's still time to take part in our oilseed rape offer! You'll be *eligible for a €200 voucher if you've purchased 8 bags of Protector® Sclerotinia tolerant hybrid (PT303 seed) and 2 packs of Belkar herbicide for the 2022/23 growing season. 

All you have to do is fill out the registration form below, then submit your proof of purchase to our team, who'll arrange for your voucher to be sent to you. 

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OSR offer
Autumn nitrogen stabiliser 'Instinct' available for arable crops
New trials data shows that arable crops can benefit from autumn applications of the innovative nitrogen stabiliser product Instinct®, which keeps more nitrogen in the soil for longer. In oilseed rape, yield responses of up to 7% were observed when Instinct was used with slurry in the autumn.

Category Manager Colin Bowers said: “A crop reaching its yield potential is underpinned by successful establishment. In cereals and oilseed rape, we have seen evidence of improved autumn establishment from using Instinct in the autumn, especially when used in conjunction with slurry and digestate. Our internal development trials showed yield responses of up to 7% and improve spring vigour in oilseed rape when Instinct is used with slurry in the autumn”.

The product should be applied at a rate of 1.7L/ha, as close to the application of the source of nitrogen as possible – ideally within a couple of days either side, if not applied with the slurry or digestate. Instinct can be applied to a seed bed and incorporated or simply sprayed on as a surface application. “When applied to the soil surface, the ideal situation is for there to be at least 12 mm of rain during the 10 days following application in order for the product to be washed into the soil,” Colin added.

Find out more about Instinct here.
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Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. PAY ATTENTION TO THE RISK INDICATIONS AND FOLLOW THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ON THE LABEL. Triple Rinse Containers and Invert to Dry at Time of Use. For further information including warning phrases and symbols refer to label. Belkar® contains halauxifen-methyl (Arylex™ active) and picloram. Astrokerb® contains propyzamide and aminopyralid. Kerb® Flo contains propyzamide.